Freeway Accidents

On January 1, 1940, the first freeway in California opened. The 110 Freeway stretched from downtown Los Angeles to Pasadena, opening up new possibilities for commuters in Southern California. Soon, other freeways would follow with promises of multiple lanes of non-stop flowing traffic, and the ability to drive from downtown to the beach in 20 minutes. The opening of these new arteries of transportation turned Southern California into the one of the largest metropolitan centers in the United States.

Eighty years later, there are more than a dozen freeways in Southern California, and most of the day, people move along at higher speeds than ever before. While the majority of people never have any trouble, the high rate of speed and the higher volume of vehicles means that a car accident while on the freeway can be much more dangerous than on a street.

The Many Causes of Freeway Car Accidents

The list of common causes of freeway accidents is familiar:

  • Alcohol/Drug Use
  • Distracted Drivers
  • Poor Weather Conditions
  • Road Construction
  • Tailgating
  • Vehicle Defects/Maintenance Issues
  • High-Speed Police Pursuits

Although all types of car accidents can be dangerous, when such accidents occur on a freeway, the consequences can be much more severe, and involve many more people. Chain reaction accidents on the freeway are more common because of the difficulty in avoiding accidents that suddenly occur right in the middle of high-speed traffic.

An accident on the freeway can have long-term effects. Financially, you could experience medical expenses, lost wages, and damage to your property. Your health may suffer because of physical pain, disfigurement, dismemberment, or permanent disability. There are also mental costs to these kinds of accidents, such as emotional distress, grief, anxiety, and depression.

Fighting an Uphill Battle

Dealing with all of these potential issues can be extremely challenging, but trying to recover for your injuries by yourself can be even tougher. Insurance companies have armies of lawyers, as do the auto manufacturers who sometimes build cars with defects. If your accident is the result of poorly maintained freeways, you may also have a case against the government.

However, if you represent yourself in a courtroom, the court will treat you as if you were an attorney, which means that you will have to follow the same complex procedure and evidence rules, and failing to follow them could lead to your case being dismissed.

Contact Jamal Injury Law For Help With Your Case

If you have been in a freeway car accident, you don’t have to fight the insurance companies, the auto companies, or the government on your own. You deserve knowledgeable and caring legal representation to receive fair reimbursement for your losses. An experienced and skilled car accident attorney can handle your case for you, and ensure that you recover the compensation that you deserve.

Please feel free to contact Jamal Injury Law for help with your case. Attorney Suliman Jamal is committed to giving your case the personal attention it deserves, and giving you the best possible chance at receiving just compensation. Call Jamal Injury Law today at 714-907-1021 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.