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Nearly 130 miles northeast of Los Angeles, you will find a region that has a history, which tells the quintessential story of how dreams of fortune have brought people to California since its inception. During the last 20 years of the 19th century, dreams of another gold rush brought people into the Mojave Desert. Miners began searching the Calico Mountains for the precious metal, and while they did not find the gold they had hoped for, they soon struck a rich vein of silver.

Not far from the silver mines, a town began to form. Originally founded as Calico Junction, the town soon bore the name of California’s Lieutenant Governor, John Dagget. Soon, the president of the Santa Fe Railroad decided that the mining town would be an ideal location to build a station for his trains to load up on silver ore. Not long after the railroad arrived, the town changed its name again to honor the man who made it possible. His name was William Barstow Strong, and the town of Barstow was born.

Barstow’s history and its present day are both about transportation. After the railroads came highways, including the road made famous in a song that bears its name, Route 66. Now, Barstow is where Interstates 15 and 40 meet that famous road, as well as California State Route 58. For those headed to the Golden State from rest of the United States, Barstow is the gateway to Southern California.

Barstow also marks an important stop for many Southlanders headed to Las Vegas. It is the virtual halfway point between the Sunset and Las Vegas Strips, and not only does it mark a place to take a rest and refuel a car on the way to Nevada, but the town has worked to draw in tourists itself by developing restaurants and a shopping center filled with factory outlet stores. The bargains at these stores are often a traveler’s best bet at coming home with something other than memories on a trip to Vegas!

With thousands of motorists passing through the Barstow area every year, there is always a chance of a high-speed collision involving multiple vehicles, tractor trailers, or motorcycles that could leave you injured and stranded in the Mojave Desert. That is why it is so important that you have a car accident attorney who you trust. You ought to have an attorney who is ready to fight for you should you be injured in an accident in Barstow.

If you have been the victim of a collision, you have every right to recover for your injuries, lost income, and damaged property. When you choose Jamal Injury Law to help with your personal injury claim, you can believe that you have chosen a car accident attorney who will stand up for you until you receive just compensation for your losses.

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