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Late in the 19th century, William H. Spurgeon acquired 74 acres of Southern California land from the estate of the Yorba family so that he could build a village. With that modest purchase, Santa Ana was born.

Founded in 1889, Santa Ana is one of the oldest and most important cities in the region. The city’s 4900 residents decided that Los Angeles County’s public services were too remote, and were no longer sufficient to serve the needs of the increasing population of the region. They fought to form a new county to provide a more stable supply of public services, and so founded what would become one of the most important and influential counties in California: Orange County.

As the county began to grow, Santa Ana soon became the source of governmental and judicial power in Orange County. One of the oldest courthouses in Southern California is located downtown, and the Central Justice Center and the county government were established within the city. The Southern Pacific Railroad expanded its line to the city, and soon Santa Ana flourished.

Much of the downtown area remains as Spurgeon had designed it, but as anyone who has ever driven downtown can attest, he could not have foreseen today’s automobiles traveling on narrow, one-way streets designed primarily for horse and pedestrian traffic. Though the streets are now paved, they are crowded with cars traveling to and from the heart of the county’s public center, and the overcrowded streets in Santa Ana create the potential for car accidents.

No matter if you are involved in a fender bender on Broadway or a severe accident on Main, choosing the right car accident attorney to handle your personal injury claim is important. An accident might mean unforeseen medical expenses and lost wages. It can lead to months or years of physical therapy, which may or may not alleviate the effects of a permanent disability.

You deserve a knowledgeable attorney who can build a strong case to recover for your injuries and suffering. When you choose to work with Jamal Injury Law, you may rest easy knowing that you’ve made a wise choice.

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