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Known now for its luxury stores, beautiful golf courses, and the exotic car dealerships along Pacific Coast Highway, Newport Beach is Orange County’s summer playground. However, its beginnings were humble, and a study in collaboration between clashing philosophies. The two men most responsible for the building of the community, James Irvine and James McFadden, could not have had more different ideas about how best to use the land.

Irvine, an Irish immigrant, bought over 100,000 acres of land in the area, with an eye toward using it for farming and ranching. He took his earnings from his agricultural businesses and reinvested them in business developments. Not long after his death in 1886, his son, James Irvine, Jr., formed The Irvine Company, which is still around today and is one of the driving forces in the development of Orange County. All told, at his death, Irvine owned more than a third of all the land that comprises the county today.

McFadden was the son of Scottish ranchers, and given that background, it would be natural to assume that he would have the same vision for the Newport area that Irvine did. Instead, McFadden was focused on the sea. When he moved to Southern California in 1868, he decided that he would build a port on the California coast to strengthen shipping to the fast-growing community of Orange County. Soon, he had constructed the pier on Balboa Peninsula to make shipping in a treacherous harbor filled with sand bars easier. Soon after, he and his brother purchased and developed the Newport Pier, which was Southern California’s primary shipping harbor until the U.S. government awarded funding for the construction of the harbor in San Pedro in 1899.

Though they may not have realized it, Irvine and McFadden’s twin visions for the area that would become Newport Beach worked to create one of the most beautiful and thriving communities in Southern California. Irvine’s farmlands have given way to businesses and the Fashion Island shopping center, while McFadden’s shipping lanes are now used for the largest recreational harbor on the western coast of the United States. Whether your ideal day is shopping in fine retail stores, taking in a new filmmaker’s vision at the Newport Beach Film Festival, or a sunset cruise on the bay, Newport Beach caters to the visitor who has an eye on the finer things in life.

Along the peninsula and near the beaches, Newport Beach’s streets are crowded and narrow, and with several popular restaurants and bars in the area, there is always the potential that you could be involved in a serious car accident. A night out on the town in Newport Beach could leave you with lost wages and injuries requiring years of physical therapy. You might even have a permanent disability after a car collision.

That is why it is so important that you have a car accident attorney you can count on. You ought to have an attorney who is ready to help should you be injured in an accident in Newport Beach. If you have been the victim of a car crash, you have every right to recover for your injuries, lost income, and property damage. When you choose Jamal Injury Law to help with your injury claim, you can rest assured that you have wisely chosen a law office who will fight for you until you receive just compensation for your losses.

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