Motorcycle Accidents: Who Has the Right of Way?

Thousands of the miles that make up California’s roads and highways are found along the coasts and in the mountains, which makes this state one of the greatest places to live if you ride a motorcycle. You can spend days taking in either the fresh salty breeze riding on the Pacific Coast Highway, or the scent of the pines up around Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear. If those areas aren’t to your tastes, there are also plenty of deserts, valleys, and city streets upon which you can ride your motorcycle.

Whether you ride for fun or just as a means of transportation, there are a lot of ways to enjoy life on two wheels in California. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of ways to get hurt. According to a study commissioned by the California Highway Patrol, in 2011:

  • 435 riders and passengers on two-wheeled vehicles (motorcycles, mopeds, or motorized scooters) were killed in accidents.
  • 10,775 riders and passengers were injured while on a two-wheeled vehicle.

While the number of accidents involving cars is significantly higher, the chances of a serious injury or death as a result of a car accident are much lower than those for a motorcycle accident because there is little that can be done to prevent injuries to a rider. Unlike a car accident, where the impact is to the area surrounding the driver, the force of impact in a motorcycle accident is delivered directly to the rider’s body.

“I Never Saw the Bike”

These words are among the most commonly used when a police officer takes a report from an accident between a motorcyclist and a driver of an automobile. Most California motorcycle accidents occur because the motorcycle was never seen, and the driver inadvertently cut into the motorcycle’s right-of-way. Though they tend to be louder than cars, motorcycles have a smaller profile, and can easily be lost in the blind spot of a driver who is changing lanes or making a turn. Plus, many automobile manufactures invest heavily in technology to make the passenger compartment of their cars soundproof to outside noise, which means that the driver may not even hear the sound of an approaching motorcycle.

How A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

If you or someone you care about has been injured in a motorcycle accident, you will need an attorney who understands the laws relating to the rights of motorcyclists. A skilled motorcycle accident attorney will also know how to combat the stereotypes thrown at motorcycle riders.

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