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Long Beach may not have the glamour that is associated with Los Angeles, but the city is just as vital to life in Southern California as its more famous northern neighbor. From supplying us with oil from the fourth-largest oil field in the United States, to building our aircrafts, car components, and our ships, Long Beach is the engine that drives much of the region’s economy. And, with the one of the world's largest shipping ports in its backyard, Long Beach is the gateway to the Pacific through which much of this country’s goods are shipped and received.

That is not to say that Long Beach is entirely about business. The city has many great attractions, and offers so many ways to enjoy the best of life alongside the Pacific Ocean. For example, not only does Long Beach run much of the commercial shipping in the area, but is also home to many cruise ship lines as well. Travelers from all around the state and country depart from Long Beach’s docks to destinations in Mexico, Hawaii, or the Pacific Northwest. The port also offers the chance to escape to Catalina Island for a day or a weekend, and has fantastic museums devoted to the city’s maritime history, most notably the RMS Queen Mary.

For others, the draw to Long Beach might not be cruising on the waters of the Pacific, but rather exploring the life that resides in it. The Aquarium of the Pacific is one of the largest tourist attractions in the state, drawing over 1.5 million visitors annually to see the galleries of aquatic species from Southern and Baja California to the upper reaches of the Northern Pacific.

While the nearly half-million residents of the city could vouch for the fact that traffic does not move as quickly as the open-wheeled racers of the Long Beach Grand Prix, there are still quite a few dangerous spots on the roads where there is a risk of getting into a traffic collision. The busy streets of downtown; the 405, 605, and 710 freeways; and the Pacific Coast Highway handle large numbers of cars and trucks every day, and you never know when you might find yourself on the wrong side of a driver who is not paying attention. That is why it is so important to have a car accident attorney who you can trust. You deserve to have an advocate who is ready to aggressively fight for your rights if you are injured in a collision in Long Beach.

If you have been the victim of an accident, you deserve compensation for your injuries, lost wages, and damaged property. When you Jamal Injury Law to help with your personal injury case, you can believe that you have chosen a law office who will stand at your side until you receive a just outcome.

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